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Join Our Team

Life is too short to not love the work you do.
Who can become a team member?

Team members have a wide range of experiences and talents. If you don’t have any formal teaching experience, we still have a place for you on our team. What you do need is:

  • A passion and joy for play

  • Love of the natural world and your community

  • An ability to connect with kids and adults

  • A supportive, team spirit

Great, how do I get started?

Our selection process helps ensure both the success of TerraTime programs and also maintain consistent quality across all TerraTime locations.  Fill out the Join Our Team form to receive more information about the currently available positions.


The information you receive will include details about the position, information about our company and the next steps.  There is no commitment required to request information.

We know TerraTime is not a good fit for everyone, but everyone knows someone who would make a great TerraTime team member. We appreciate your referrals and sharing the opportunity with them!

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