Lead Teacher

Lead  Teacher

Be the one to lead a TerraTime program in your community!  If you care deeply about getting kids outdoors, have a degree in Education or a related field, and enjoy collaborating with a team, this is for you.  The Lead Teacher is the one who facilitates our programming in their local community by preparing and implementing child-directed, outdoor, play-based learning opportunities.

First Steps:

Next Steps:

  • Interview with our Executive Director or Site Director

  • Complete paperwork for new hire process

Final Steps:

  • Complete our training process and work with the executive director for ongoing coaching and support

  • Set your schedule, location, and duration of programing and coordinate with the Site Director

Let me talk to teachers for a minute...


I see you. In the classroom. At recess. In the hallway. During lunch. After school. In the teacher's lounge.  You are extremely talented, humble, hardworking servants who are making a difference in the lives of children. 


During the process of developing TerraTime programming, it became evident very quickly that I can not do this alone. We all have strengths and experiences that can benefit a team.  The needs in our communities are more than one person can handle.


I have also become aware of many teachers who are working second jobs to make ends meet.  College graduates, with years of experience, working minimum wage (or low paying), second jobs. Though I cannot control the cause of this, I have been working toward TerraTime being a better option for additional income.


I want to invite you to consider being a Lead Teacher with TerraTime.  At TerraTime, you can do the work you love, on your schedule, at a competitive wage.  I would love to talk to you about our vision and what that role might look like for you. 


I know TerraTime will not be a good fit for everyone, but you may know someone who needs this opportunity.  Be sure to pass it on!

~Terra Haisley, Owner and Executive Director