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Inspire. Educate. Empower.

We are in the business of changing children's lives and supporting the adults who care for them. 


Are you ready to make an impact in your community by becoming a licensed Site Director? 


We have opportunities available throughout the U.S.



Why TerraTime?


We are on a mission to get children outside in nature, experiencing the joys of childhood. Extending our success to those who want to bring TerraTime programs to their community is one more way to make this happen.  


Each Site Director is unique and will require support in different ways. While our training follows a specific plan, we tailor our support services to each of our Site Director's needs. We are available to help you succeed each step of the way.



Children and adults love TerraTime for many reasons but the one we hear most: it's fun! Life is too short to not love the work you do. We provide the right balance between fun and education to appeal equally to children and adults.


TerraTime offers everything from classes to special events to summer camps. New curriculum is added each year, so you’ll have multiple opportunities to drive revenue and select options according to your needs and interests.


Licensed Site Directors have a protected district to ensure there is no encroachment on your customer base and to maintain the quality of TerraTime programs provided in your community.


We provide you with a license to use our programs, but you are your own boss and own your own business. You have the freedom to work when you want, as often as you want. Your schedule. Your goals. You are in control of your business.



We’ll teach you everything you need to know to run TerraTime programs. We've designed a combination of online modules and individual coaching sessions so you can complete training at your own pace with individualized mentoring.

Our Plan


Our flexible model allows you to choose the number and type of classes, programs, and events you want to offer. It's a win-win... you make additional income and set your own schedule. You can even bring your children to work, too!

Our Model


We understand that you want to know what it will take to get started with TerraTime, so we’ve provided information about the initial investment and fees.

Let's Talk Numbers

How Do I Become A

Licensed Site Director?

Check out the steps and when you’re ready to take the first one, we'll walk you through the process. We'll be here for you every step of the way!


We know providing TerraTime programs has the power to change lives and impact your community.  We also know there is a learning curve when trying something new. 

With that in mind, we are offering a 30% discount to the first eight people who sign up.

Why? Well, this is the first time we have offered this training online so there are bound to be a few glitches and problem-solving along the way.

You're doing something new and we are too.

It's a win-win for both of us!

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Still Have Questions?

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