Become a Level 3 Sponsor

The heart of altruism is doing a good thing for a good cause. If you see value in the mission of TerraTime, please invest at a level that fits your budget. Every contribution matters.


If this is for a specific child or family, be sure to add their name to the "NOTE" section of the checkout process.  You can also email us the information.

Become a Level 3 Sponsor

  • Here are just a few benefits of sponsoring:


    Benefits for Others


    1) Financial Assistance:  Some families face significant barriers to accessing TerraTime programs.  Your contribution will provide scholarships for children who may not be able to participate otherwise.


    2) Skill Acquisition:  Your investment will help children develop a range of school readiness and life-long learning skills.   These include: spontaneous play, cooperative effort, self-awareness, social skills, motor planning, problem solving, sensory integration, creativity, curiosity, self-reliance, belonging, empathy and an increased knowledge and appreciation of the natural environment. 


    3) Ripple Effect: Your contribution does not have an isolated impact on the child; instead, the developmental outcomes and skills learned affect the home and community at large.   Your generosity will have a ripple effect that will touch more lives than you realize.


    Benefits for you

    1) Making a Difference:  Becoming a sponsor is an effective way to contribute to helping individuals and communities, without ever leaving home.  If you feel the strong desire to make a difference, but lack the time or means to contribute as a team member, financial support is the ideal solution. You can still make a big difference!


    2) Marketing: You will receive recognition as a company (or individual) that values children and the mission of TerraTime.  TerraTime honors our financial partners by promoting their business on our t-shirts, website, and other marketing materials.

  • 100% of your contribution goes to provide a scholarship for children attending our programs. We have fixed costs related to providing quality programs, so this is one way to make it more affordable for children to attend. Your contribution will go into our scholarship fund, where children will receive the benefits of your contribution, combined with others.


    TerraTime does not have 501(c)(3), non- profit status, so your contribution is not tax deductible. However, TerraTime honors our sponsors by promoting their business on our t-shirts, website, and other marketing materials.

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