Only choose this option if you have already purchased an activity kit for one child ($19.99).  A sibling is considered a child in the same family unit, validated by a legal document (birth certificate, marriage, adoption, etc.) 


Spring is an exciting time of year to explore nature and we are thrilled about the discoveries that await your child!


The Spring Activity Packet - Digital Download includes:

1 Welcome

2 Materials List
3 Earthworm Observations Activity Card
4 Magic Beans & Sunflower Seeds Activity Card

5 Growing Grass-Hair People Activity Card
6 Egg Carton Seedlings Activity Card
7 Planting a Flower in a Flower Pot Activity Card

8 Nature Scavenger Hunt Activity Card
9 Nature Scavenger Hunt: Collection Card

10 Nature Scavenger Hunt: Observation Card

11 Nature Journaling Activity Card

12 YouTube Video Links: DIY Activities, Tips & Tricks, Storytime


The Spring Activity Kit contains: printed copy of the digital download, flower pot, egg carton, potting soil, toothpick, plastic spoon, google eyes, pom-poms, natural stick-pencil, journal, magnifying glass, paper plate, plastic cup, coffee filter, grass seed, marigold seeds, sunflower seeds, pole bean seeds, flower, and earthworms in a container of soil.


Additional Items Needed: water, spray bottle, plate or tray, permanent marker, ruler, glue or tape, and materials for extended learning activities (optional).


On each activity card, we have provided directions, a list of materials, tips, guided questions, extended learning ideas and recommended reading. These can be used to help enhance your child’s experience, but you may find your child takes the prompts and materials and goes in a completely different direction. Creativity is welcome and encouraged!


The activities included in this kit are appropriate for most 3-12 year-olds. However, you know your child’s abilities better than anyone. Adapt activities, as needed, to encourage independence while keeping your child safe. Parental supervision will be needed for younger children.

Spring Activity Kit - Sibling

  • *Please note: this kit contains living things and must be picked up at TerraTime in Albany, Indiana.  If you are unable to pick up the kit, please purchase the digital dowload.

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