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Tour & Consultation: Welcome, Key Elements & Discovery Centers, and More

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Have you wondered what a nature classroom looks like and how to create your own? Are you thinking about starting a nature classroom but unsure where to begin? You are invited to visit our outdoor classroom, take pictures, ask questions, and meet our founder. You will also receive a printed copy of the Start Your Own Classroom Idea Book and access to an excerpt from our Certified Provider Training to help inspire your classroom design. Whether you move forward with TerraTime or not, you will leave with ideas and clarity about your next steps for starting your own nature classroom. Ready to get started? ___ Welcome! We've taken an excerpt from our Certified Provider Training to give you a virtual tour of our classroom's design, key elements, and discovery centers. You will find two sections from this training, our Welcome section and part of Module Four. The Welcome section includes an overview of our story and mission, along with a checklist of common elements that are involved in running a business. This section will help you either get started in your business or confirm you already have what you need in your existing business. Module 4 is about Site Development. We have given you access to the sections that go over the Key Elements and Discovery Centers. The information in these sections will help you get started setting up your Nature Classroom with ideas, concepts, guidelines, and benefits of each of the elements and centers. Q & A Consultation Session Before touring our classroom and meeting our founder, we recommend that you watch these videos. A tour will be scheduled to provide you with the opportunity to ask questions, discuss new learning, share your progress, and plan your next steps. If you have any technical difficulties, please reach out to us at We look forward to following up with you soon!

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