Our Team

Our team of professionals are children at heart, who have a heart for children. They bring a variety of skills, experiences, education, and backgrounds with a desire for children to experience the wonder of outdoor play.
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Terra Haisley

Owner / Lead Teacher

Terra is an Occupational Therapy Assistant in the local schools.  She has worked with children at camps, clubs, and community events for more than thirty years. Her childhood experiences, growing up in Alaska, have shaped her love of nature and passion for outdoor play. Terra is excited about giving children the opportunity to engage with each other and nature in a more meaningful way through TerraTime programs.

Green Leaves

Donna Healy


Donna is a mom of five, grandma to three, and great-grandma to one. She has over 11 years of experience as a foster parent and almost 25 years of caring for family members with special needs. In addition to spending time with her family, Donna enjoys serving at her church, cooking, gardening, and mentoring.  She has seen the joy and benefits of nature play and looks forward to providing opportunities for children to learn at TerraTime.

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Sarah Kramer

Content Writer

Sarah is a Homeschooling Mom of three with a Fine Arts Degree specializing in Graphic Design.  She grew up in the country and has always had a special love for nature.  Since her children started attending TerraTime in 2020, Sarah has witnessed significant growth within her children stemming from TerraTime's programs. She is excited to be a part of the TerraTime team and provide families with inspiration and support through her words.

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Mikayla Rainho


Mikayla is a technology teacher at TechWise Academy. She has played soccer for 15 years and now coaches elementary students.   Mikayla enjoys reading, traveling, playing games

with friends and family, and going to the beach.  Her favorite childhood memories include playing outside with neighborhood kids and going to Girl Scout Camps.  She is super excited to explore the wonder of TerraTime through nature play and learning!

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Amanda Lancaster


Amanda is an Instructional Assistant at Eaton Elementary who has a passion for nature and being outdoors.  This passion stems from a long history of following her brothers around at Boy Scout camp every year.  Amanda's enthusiasm inspires children to explore and express their creativity. She looks forward to sharing her passion with your children and showing them the joys of outdoor play that shaped her childhood.