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Boys looking at something in the leaves

TerraTime believes that every child is unique and competent, eager to learn, and comes equipped with a natural and wonder-filled curiosity about life.

By encouraging children’s love of learning, TerraTime strives to develop prepared, capable, confident, empathetic individuals who fulfill their unique design and are inspired to make a difference in the world.


Our programs provide a developmental, play-based, emergent curriculum where children’s ideas, inquiries, discoveries, and investigations are nurtured and implemented.


We believe that children learn best through exploration and hands-on learning, in an environment designed to safely provoke critical thinking, problem-solving, and risk-taking.


There is a growing body of research that shows that frequent play in nature-based, educational programs stimulate all of a child’s developmental domains, including their cognitive, creative, physical, social and emotional, and spiritual development.


We have designed a hybrid model with elements of Forest School, Reggio Emilia, and Waldorf approaches that contribute to our educational philosophy.

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Girl smiling and playing in water bucket


  • Develop at his or her own rate

  • Take on responsibilities and build confidence

  • Play meaningfully alongside other children and adults

  • Develop effective communication skills

  • Persevere, problem-solve and take risks

  • Develop independence and celebrate both attempts and successes

  • Explore limits, boundaries, routines, and conflict resolution strategies

  • Practice fine motor skills such as threading, writing, cutting, and grasping

  • Develop creative expressions through painting, music, collage, movement, dance, painting, drawing, cutting, pasting, and story sharing

  • Develop early numeracy, literacy, and science skills

  • Learn techniques through trial and error

  • Develop gross motor skills through climbing, throwing, kicking, balancing, and lifting

  • Explore the world through experimenting, questioning, and curiosity

  • Develop a passion for learning and a love of life

  • Have fun!

Girl reading books


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Annual Enrollment Fee: $50 for each family attending our school year programs (August-May)
Bulk Discount:  A 5% discount is available for families who enroll more than one child, or has a child enrolled in more than one program.


Two boys swinging in a hammock
Child laying on swing with muddy boots hanging over the edge


There are several important distinctions between TerraTime’s programs and a typical camp, daycare, preschool, or public school.  


1) Enrollment:  TerraTime's school-year programs run from August - May and are divided into two separate terms. If you want your child to attend the full school year, you will need to enroll in both terms. 


2) Supplemental Learning: We are a private, license-exempt, certified Nature Explore classroom that provides learning opportunities in line with Indiana's School Readiness and Academic Standards. While our programs integrate academics and developmental goals, parents are responsible for compliance with the State's educational requirements for children over seven years old.


3) Emergent Curriculum: Emergent curriculum is based on the premise that children are most successful at learning when curriculum experiences account for their interests, strengths, and needs.  Adults use observations of children throughout their day as a tool for constructing curriculum content. We prioritize active participation, relationship building, flexible and adaptable methods, inquiry, and play-based learning. 


4) Mixed-age Classes: Studies show that mixed-age classrooms offer amazing benefits for children.  These benefits include improved academic outcomes, social skills, emotional wellbeing, self-confidence, leadership skills, and learning at their own pace.


5) Outdoor Clothing: Our programs run in all types of weather.  Parents are responsible for providing appropriate clothing for their children.  You can download a PDF of Required Clothing and Gear and Clothing Tips for Every Season to get a better idea of what your child will need.

Girl playing wooden instruments
Boy hanging upside down on rope
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