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  • Certified Provider Training

    • Training & Certification of One Provider
    • Access to the Certified Provider Page
    • Certified Provider Resources & Swipe Files
    • Listed as a Certified Provider on TerraTime's Website
    • Permission to Purchase and Use TerraTime's Programs
    • Design Recommendations for Your Classroom
    • Six 1:1 Q&A Sessions
    • Ongoing Support
  • Certified Provider All-Access Pass

    • Access to ALL TerraTime Curriculum
    • Access to ALL CP Swipe Files
    • Access to ALL CP Templates
    • Access to ALL Program Forms
    • Access to ALL Program Media
    • Access to ALL Program Templates
    • Access to ALL Home Connection Templates
    • Access to ALL Updates to Resources Listed Above
    • Access to ALL NEW RELEASES for Resources Listed Above
  • Recertification & Access Fee

    Every year
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