Friday Fun Days

Our Spring Session Begins April 2, 2021!
Friday Fun Days are drop-off programs designed for children, ages 4-10 years old, to experience three hours of outdoor fun.
Fridays from 12:00-3:00 pm

These special days are filled with engaging play prompts that encourage creativity, movement, and child-driven learning.

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You can choose your plan now or when you book your first session.

Bundle to save!

1 session = 1 child for three hours 


$30 per session when purchased individually

$125 for 5 sessions bundle

$200 for 9 sessions bundle

Register Your child

All participants in our drop-off programs must fill out registration, medical release and waiver of liability forms.  


You do NOT have to fill out additional forms if you have already submitted drop-off forms in 2020 for your child.


Please let us know of any changes since we last saw your child. Forms are good for one year.

We are limited on the number of children who can attend each session, so you will need to book each session to reserve your child’s place.

12:00-3:00 pm
If your child will be attending the full 9 weeks, you do NOT need to book each session.   We will do it for you.

Book your sessions

Bundled sessions can be divided up among children and days as needed.   (i.e., if you have three children, you could use 3 sessions on 3 Fridays for a 9-session bundle)

Friday Fun Day sessions can be transferred among siblings and friends, as long as they are 4-10 years old and have filled out the required forms. 

Spring 2021 Schedule

April 2: Exploration & Discovery

 This week is a great opportunity for children to explore TerraTime, get to know the area, and connect with friends. They will work individually and as a team to create art with items they find in nature.


April 9: Natural Resources

 Children will hone their skills as they practice gross motor, balancing and problem solving while creating large structures and utilizing the natural landscape.  


April 16: All About Bugs

 Bugs are abundant in nature, so this week takes advantage of that!  Studying and understanding insects is a great way to calm children’s fears of the diverse and fascinating world of bugs.   


April 23: Small Parts

 This session will focus on the small and detailed parts of nature.  It is exciting what you can find when you are looking for it.

April 20: Nature Games

 This week is all about having fun together!  Nature games are a great way to build teamwork and connection.


May 7:  Imagination & Story Telling

 Children will think outside the box and discover things in nature they’ve never noticed before, all while practicing their literacy skills.


May 14: Nature’s Colors

 Spring is bright and colorful, so this week we’ll focus on using color in nature to create beautiful art.


May 21: Patterns in Nature

 Children will find a variety of patterns in nature that can be used to create structures and design works of art.  

May 28: Trees & Sustainability

We have an abundance of trees at TerraTime!  This week we explore the small parts of trees, their lifecycle and how trees play an important role in our world.

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