Friday Fun Days

Friday Fun Days are drop-off programs designed for children, ages 4-10 years old, to experience three hours of outdoor fun.  We are offering an AM and PM session on Fridays beginning August 21, 2020.
8:30-11:30 am
12:00-3:00 pm

These special days are filled with engaging play prompts that encourage creativity, movement, and child-driven learning.

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You can choose your plan now or when you book your first session.

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1 session = 1 child for three hours 


$30 per session when purchased individually

$150 for 6 sessions bundle

$260 for 12 sessions bundle

Register Your child

All participants in our drop-off programs must fill out registration, medical release and waiver of liability forms.  


You do NOT have to fill out additional forms if you have already submitted drop-off forms in 2020 for your child.


Please let us know of any changes since we last saw your child. Forms are good for one year.

We are limited on the number of children who can attend each session, so you will need to book each session to reserve your child’s place.

**There is an option to have your child attend both sessions on Fridays (see below).  

8:30-11:30 am
12:00-3:00 pm

Book your sessions

Bundled sessions can be divided up among children and days as needed.   (i.e., if you have three children, you could use 3 sessions on 2 Fridays for a 6-session bundle; if you have two children, you could use 2 sessions on 3 Fridays, etc.)

Friday Fun Day sessions can be transferred among siblings and friends, as long as they are 4-10 years old and have filled out the required forms. 

**FALL UPDATE: At this time, our AM sessions are only available for groups of 6 or more.  Please contact us if you are interested in reserving a time for your group to attend.

We still have individual spots available in our PM sessions.  Reserve your spot by clicking on the "Book" tab above.


Friday Fun Days are being offered August 21-November 20, 2020.  We will not be having a Friday Fun Day on October 16.  

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August 21: Exploration & Discovery 

This week is a great opportunity for children to explore TerraTime, get to know the area, and connect with friends. They will work individually and as a team to create art with items they find in nature. 

August 28: Using Natural Resources 

Nature provides so many wonderful resources for children to express themselves through creativity and problem solving.  During this session, children will be building with the natural resources found at TerraTime. 

September 4:  Safety & Survival Basics

One of the important things that can be learned while in nature is safety and basic survival skills.  While we won’t get into advanced things, in this session we will focus on developing skills that can be useful to children as they explore nature and the world around them.


September 11: Teamwork & Community

This session will focus on opportunities that require children to work in teams.  As children work together, they will focus on their specific strengths that they can bring to the challenges they are presented with.


September 18: Flora and Fauna

In this session, we will be celebrating the beauty of the forest around us.  This time of year provides an opportunity for children to witness the changes of the flora and fauna in nature.  They will explore the flowers, trees, plants, and animals found around TerraTime.


September 25: Awareness & Observation

Many changes are taking place in nature as leaves begin to turn and fall, many plants die or go dormant, and animals are gathering in preparation for winter/hibernation.  In this session, children will increase their awareness of their surroundings and practice observation skills.

October 2: Using Our Senses in Nature

Children will fully immerse themselves in nature while focusing on using their senses. They will design a listening map, create woodland perfume, and learn the art of camouflage.


October 9: Following Directions & Map Reading

Children will be observing and discussing natural features and practicing directional/locational language, in order to create a nature map of TerraTime.  This is a fun way to learn useful skills that will help them not only in nature, but everyday life.  


October 23: Imagination & Storytelling

In this session, children will engage their imaginations as they listen to Rachael Mortimer’s version of, The Three Billy Goats Fluff.   Storytelling, creativity and a sense of wonder will be woven throughout each opportunity for self-expression.

October 30: Using Natural Resources (August 28 - rescheduled)

Nature provides so many wonderful resources for children to express themselves through creativity and problem solving.  During this session, children will be building with the natural resources found at TerraTime. 


November 6: Nature Sounds & Music

When we get quiet enough, the sounds of nature come alive.  In this session, children will celebrate those sounds by using natural materials to create music.  Their creativity will be sparked by listening to Barbara Vagnozzi’s version of, The Musicians of Bremen.


November 13: Nature Art

Nature provides so many wonderful resources for children to creatively express themselves through art.  In this session, we focus on using natural materials to create beautiful art. Children will think outside the box and experiment using various textures and patterns.


November 20: Sustainability & Conservation

In this final session together, we will focus on sustainability and what we can do to help keep nature clean and beautiful for generations to come. Children will learn about a forest fire’s effect on animals and plants, create emergency homes for animals preparing to hibernate, and explore charcoal art.

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