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We LOVE and GREATLY APPRECIATE our volunteers!  In fact, most of our employees started as volunteers.  Volunteering is a great way to get involved in our programs and make an impact in your community. 


If you care deeply about getting kids outdoors, have a love for children, and have a strong desire to make a difference, this is for you.  Volunteers support the Lead Teacher in their local community by assisting with child-directed, outdoor, play-based learning opportunities.

First Steps:

  • Read through the Volunteer Job Description

  • Submit your $25 application fee (this covers the cost of a background check and will be refunded after 10 hours of service)

Next Steps:

  • Submit the application you received when you paid your application fee

  • Interview with our Executive Director or Site Director

Final Steps:

  • Complete Medical Release and Waiver of Liability forms

  • Complete our training process 

  • Set your schedule by coordinating with the Site Director

Volunteer Quote
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