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Our Experience With TerraTime

I want to take a different approach in this blog post than in previous posts. Today, I want to discuss my family and our experience with TerraTime.

TerraTime Facts

Experience the Wonder (the website that you are currently on) began as an outlet to share what was happening at TerraTime and to provide parents with resources to inspire child-directed play outdoors.

Friends exploring at TerraTime

TerraTime’s Mission is to get children outside in nature. Moving. Exploring. Discovering. Playing. Growing. Learning. Experiencing the joys of childhood.

If you wish to know more details about TerraTime (located in Indiana) that I may not cover here, please check out the website at You’ll find outstanding and exciting information about what TerraTime can offer you and your family. Terra is always coming up with new, fun programs!

Why TerraTime?

Our family started participating in TerraTime in the summer of 2020. I found out about TerraTime through a Facebook friend and her child participating. It looked amazing! And I was so grateful that it wasn’t far from where we lived.

My goal as their Mom was for my children to get dirtier from playing outside. I wanted them not to be afraid of getting dirty at all. I also want my children to see God’s Creation in a new and beautiful way and in an environment with other children since, at that point, we had dabbled in virtual learning.

As we all know, 2020 was not usual for our country or world, which is an understatement. I felt that TerraTime could offer so much joy, including a chance for my children to be children while they were learning.

Parent quotes - blessings!

This camp is such a blessing. During a time that could be dark and scary for children…not allowing them to be children, they have this special week filled with memories. I hope they look back and think and remember how much fun they had in 2020. Sarah, Mom of 8, 6 & 4-year-old

My Son’s Growth 🌱

My son was eight years old when we first started participating in TerraTime. He had just completed 1st grade through virtual learning at a public school. He was and still is a very sweet and inquisitive child. Before Elementary, he attended preschool for a few years. He also participated in First Steps for a speech delay. He continued speech therapy through a local university and then onto the public elementary.

First Steps is Indiana’s early intervention program that services infants and toddlers from birth to the third birthday with developmental delays or disabilities. First Steps brings families together with a local network of professionals from education, health, and social service agencies.

Before participating in TerraTime, my son was extremely cautious about getting dirty. This was an area of struggle for him. Terra, the Owner and Lead Teacher, has a background in Occupational Therapy which appealed to me.

Occupational therapy (OT) is a branch of health care that helps people of all ages with physical, sensory, or cognitive

My son had been tested for different possible diagnoses at that point, but a speech delay is what was determined. And as I mentioned before, he received help in that area and graduated. As his mother, though, I knew we needed to work on other areas of his life and development like any child. I knew in my heart that TerraTime would be an excellent, comfortable and fun way for him to be encouraged, not to mention myself.


And now, two years after my children have consistently participated in TerraTime’s Summer Camps and Friday Fun Days, we have seen fantastic progress! When he first started, Terra recalls my son being afraid to get wet with water. After a week at TerraTime, he went swimming for the first time! Now he’s not afraid to be covered in mud and he recently created a tremendous water slide for himself and all the children to enjoy.

Day 4 progress

2020 Progress on Day 4 – Saying, “Yes” to a friend’s invitation to join in water play and unexpectedly getting his FEET WET!!

Day 5 progress

2020 Progress on Day 5 – Joining water play without prompting and intentionally standing in the water… barefoot!

Read more about the water slide here >>> Our Classroom Waterslide

Building a mud slide with friends

Summer 2022 Water Slide (not the original one)

I have also seen this practice of play continue at our home. My children love playing in the water. And they don’t mind getting muddy anymore.

Mud play with friends

Summer 2022 mud play!!

More TerraTime Benefits…

Another excellent benefit from participating in TerraTime is that I have seen my son step more toward becoming a leader and hopefully a role model to the younger children. He is one of the oldest children participating. But this has also shown him that you can have friends of all ages. I know my children are learning all new and wonderful facts about nature and the world around them through being outside and the content Terra and her team provide.

Like everyone, we still have obstacles to work through, but we are encouraged and thank Terra so much for making her vision come to life. I give all the Glory to God, however. God continues to work in My son’s life, a pleasure to witness.

Stay tuned for more personal TerraTime experiences from my family, including myself!

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Also, check out our affiliate site, TerraTime, Nature Play & Learning!

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