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Flower Pressing Patterns

It’s SPRINGTIME! At least, according to the calendar, it is. Where my family and I live, the week started with snow on the ground and finished with 80-degree weather.

Weather Whether snow or sweat is falling; flowers are still beginning to sprout. So I have the perfect kid-friendly, DIY project for you to partake in while this weather and myself sort out our emotions. Flower Pressing Patterns are for you!

Flower Pressing Patterns at TerraTime.

If you look the right way, you can see that the whole world is a garden.” Frances Hodgson Burnett

I’m sure you have seen or have heard about Flower Press Art but have you ever seen Flower Pressing Pattern Art? If not, you are about to, and it is a super easy project. Just follow the simple steps listed below, and before you know it, you’ll have some fun, springtime encouraging fridge art to display.

Flower Pressing Patterns Supply List

  1. Flowers and Leaves

  2. 2 Pieces of Paper

  3. Larger Rock, Hammer, or Rubber Mallet

How to Make Flower Pressing Patterns

Step 1: Hunter-Gatherer

First, gather a variety of flowers and leaves.

If you pick your flowers after the morning dew, you will find them to be more hydrated, providing better results. Be sure to select various flowers in color and stage of bloom to produce a unique pattern.

Step 2: Pretty Patterns

Next, layout your flowery findings in a pattern on paper. Using printer paper works great for this project.

“Pattern work helps kids learn to make observations and predictions for what comes next, building foundational math and science skills. Additionally, making educated guesses helps kids develop critical thinking and logic skills.” Kelly Marie of

Step 3: Paper Sandwich

Once you are pleased with your design, place the second piece of paper on your flowers and leaves. So now you have a paper sandwich with your flower pattern as the meat.

Step 4: Hammer Time

Next, use a rock, hammer, rubber mallet, or any other hard object to gently press the color into the paper to create the pattern.

Pressing Flower Patterns at TerraTime.

Step 5: Big Reveal

Remove the top paper, flowers, and leaves to discover your Flower Pressing Pattern Artwork!


Guided Flower Pressing Pattern Questions For Your Artists

  1. What do you think causes some plants to leave a lot of colors behind?

  2. What plants left the most shade? The least?

  3. Where were you able to see a pattern in print left behind?

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