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Nature Wind Chimes

I have always loved wind chimes and the relaxing musical tones they provide.

Scroll below to discover how to make Nature Wind Chimes!

Stick Wind Chimes

Nature Wind Chimes

You will learn how to make Nature Wind Chimes, but first, here’s a little history of Wind Chimes. Evidence shows that wind chimes were first created in China in 3000 BC. They were made out of pottery, bone, or shell. Wind chimes were used for a few different reasons: for farmers to ward off birds. But some people would also use them to showcase their wealth. Then presently, wind chimes are mainly used as garden ornaments.

Fun Fact: According to Guinness World Records, Jim Bolin of Casey, Illinois, created the most prominent wind chime, which is 42 feet long. It consists of five large metal tubes suspended 49 feet from the ground.

Guinness World Records, World’s Largest Wind Chime

Now for the How-To of Nature Wind Chimes! These chimes are super fun and easy to make!

Nature Wind Chimes Supply List

Step 1: Pick Up the Sticks

Use this as a great excuse to go on a nature walk and collect five thick sticks, 6”-12” long, for your Nature Wind Chimes.

Step 2: Smooth Surface

Second, peel any loose bark off the sticks and smooth them with sandpaper.

Step 3: Lay Them Straight

Third, choose the longest stick for the other sticks to hang from. Sort your remaining sticks into the order you wish to display them.

Step 4: Metal Screw Eyes

Next, take your metal screw eyes and screw them into the center of each of the sticks that will be hanging.

Adding Eye Hooks to sticks for wind chimes

Step 5: Paint Away

Now it’s time to paint your sticks and leave them to dry.

Step 6: Structure of Your Chimes

While your sticks are drying, take the longest stick, which you’ll be using to hang your wind chimes, and cut 20” of twine. Tie the string to both ends of the stick.

Step 7: Twine Time

Cut lengths of 8” of twine for each hanging stick. Thread one through the metal eyes of each of the sticks, tying them to your base hanging stick.

Stringing twine for wind chimes

Step 8: Congrats! You Made Nature Wind Chimes!

Finally, hang your wind chimes somewhere outdoors for everyone to see and listen to!

Hanging Wind Chimes

Guided Questions About Your Nature Wind Chimes

● What element will this use? (wind) ● How would different types of weather affect wind chimes? What did you discover? ● What other natural objects can you add to your creation? ● Do you think different things make different sounds? Test your answer.

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Wind Chimes Sound Effect

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