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Grapevine Arch

This grapevine arch is the entrance to our nature classroom and has been a fascination to both children and adults. It has made its way into children’s imagination as a portal to another world and a gateway to an enchanted forest.

They aren’t completely off-base, as we do invite children into an environment unlike any other. If you are not familiar with TerraTime, be sure to check out our unique classroom and philosophy at

Inspired by a friend’s wedding arch and the abundance of wild grapevines growing in our woods, this round arch was created using recycled materials from our property.

Whether you use recycled materials or buy new, here’s what you need:

  1. 2 livestock panels (4-6 gauge)

  2. 8-10 steel rods (rebar)

  3. wire cutter or fencing tool

  4. two t-posts/u-posts (metal fence posts)

  5. marking paint (spray paint with a nozzle on top of the can)

  6. String or twine

  7. wild grapevine


Using a reciprocating saw or jigsaw with a metal cutting blade, cut the livestock panels in half, lengthways.

You will need to cut the wire as close to the connection point on both ends so you do not have metal prongs poking out along the length of the panel.

If you prefer a wide arch, you can use 4 livestock panels without cutting them.


Put a metal rod in the ground in the center of an area you will have room to assemble the arch.

Tie string or twine to the rod and measure half the diameter you want your arch to be. I made mine 8 feet, so the string was 4 feet long.

Tie the end of the string or twine to a can of marking paint, or you can just hold it in your hand with the can.

Walk around the metal rod, keeping the string taut. Spray the grass with marking paint as you go.  This will be the outline for your arch.


Using a hammer, put metal rods in the ground, spacing them out along the circumference of the circle.


Using the metal rods as a guide and brace, place the livestock panels inside the rods to create a curved shape. Stagger and overlap the ends to strengthen.

You may need to go on the outside of some rods to create the desired shape.


Using heavy-duty wire, connect the panels by twisting the wire tightly.


Find the place you want to put your arch and put your t-posts/u-posts in the ground 8 feet (or the diameter of your arch) apart from each other.


*Have someone help you with this part. It is a 2+ person job.*

Lift the arch off of the ground and position it upright between the two posts.

Using heavy-duty wire, secure the arch to the posts by twisting the wire tightly.

As you can tell from the picture, it will not be a perfect circle. No worries, once you add grapevine no one will notice.


Add grapevine to the arch, securing it with wire.

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