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Nature Paint Brushes

Making your own nature paint brushes is easy and fun! These can be made with a variety of natural materials that are available in different seasons.

This activity is considered process art. This means children learn more when focusing on the process rather than trying to achieve a specific result. This allows children the freedom to experiment and create with their own ideas.

Materials you will need:

  1. Nature items with a variety of textures and patterns

  2. String, yarn, or tape

  3. Scissors

Step 1:

Go on a nature walk and encourage children to find items they could use as a paintbrush (i.e.: grass, leaves, sticks, flowers, etc.) in a variety of textures and patterns.

Step 2:

If the items you found do not have a natural handle, you can create one by bundling flowers, grass, leaves, etc. and attaching them to a small stick using string, yarn, or tape to wrap and secure it to the end of a stick.

Step 3:

Use your nature paint brushes to create different patterns and designs. Remember, the process is what is important, not the end result.

Have fun, get messy and explore!

Want to make ink from nature items?  Learn how to make natural ink here >>>

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