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Nature Wanted Posters

Looking for a fun twist on the self-portrait activity? Make nature “Wanted” posters, instead. Children will delight in using nature items to create a Wanted poster of another child, then try to find their own. This activity is designed for working with a group of children.

Here’s what you need:

  1. Various nature items

  2. Large cardstock or Melissa & Doug Make-a-Face paper

  3. Glue

  4. Mirror

  5. Scissors (optional)

Step 1

Put the names of all the children in a cup and have each child draw a name (not their own), keeping the name a secret. Each child is to create a nature Wanted poster of the child whose name they picked.

Step 2:

Encourage children to collect nature items that they can use for various facial features and identifying characteristics (hair, ears, nose, mouth, glasses, freckles, etc.).

Step 3:

On a large sheet of cardstock, lightly draw the outline of a face, or choose a Melissa & Doug portrait paper with the desired face skin tone.

Step 4:

Have children arrange the nature items on the card stock/paper to create a portrait of the child whose name they picked. Remind children how each person is unique and to add the details that would help us know who it is, without using words.

Step 5:

Once their portrait looks complete, glue the nature items to the card stock/paper and let them dry completely. 

Tip: Larger nature items will need more glue and take longer to dry.

Step 6:

Have children look at all of the nature Wanted posters and if they can pick out which one is theirs.

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